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Why be a mentor?

There are moments in every child’s life that require the wisdom, understanding and guidance of an adult figure…..moments of growth, times of transition, periods of uncertainty.

In as little as two hours a week, you can help alter the path of an innocent child who desperately needs attention and direction.

Best of all, it really isn’t that hard. Just show up. Take an interest. And be there to provide the stable, positive influence they need. Be a friend — a person with whom the can share their successes, their failures, their hopes, and their dreams.

In the end, you’ll learn as much as you teach and receive far more than you’ll ever give.


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“The most important thing to know is it’s not about what you do and where you go with your mentee; it’s about who you are and what you can share with them to help them find their brilliance.”

VIP Mentor – Jarret Schlaff


Why be a mentor?

There are opportunities that every child should have….activities that stimulate growth, fun and learning. Many of these experiences require the guidance, resources and interest of loving, caring adults.