Four Unique Opportunities for Adults and Young People

Traditional Mentoring (Community-Based and Location-Specific)

The goal of this program is to create one-to-one matches between a young person and an adult that will last for one year and include meeting weekly. Location-specific matches meet in a local school or community center, while community-based mentors pick up the mentee at home for planned activities.

Contact Kimberly Vann at or 313 964-1110

College and Career Readiness Mentoring/Coaching

Aimed at helping create educated career interests and preparedness in urban students, the program affords them the ability to choose from various future career paths. It provides support with the development of soft skills like interviewing, resume building and networking – and the goal is to encourage further education, internships and career goals. In this United Way program, students are matched in peer or adult mentoring relationships.

Contact Pamela Smith at or 313 964-1110

High School Football Team Mentoring/Coaching

This program works with male students to encourage planning for life after high school by determining what is needed to further a college career, and to plan for a post-football life and career. It includes all other aspects of the College and Career Readiness program.

Contact Roger Waldon at or 313 964-1110

Community Service Volunteer Opportunities

Providing community service opportunities to mentors and young people, the program helps them see the importance of being a benefit to their community. It involves young people who are facing multiple issues such as truancy, homelessness, pregnancy, teen parenting, and unemployment.

Contact Niecy Mohammed at or 313 964-1110