Working Together to Build a Bright Future

Community-based mentors arrange time and activities with
one boy or girl every week.

This program entails meeting at least once a week, at a time and place agreeable to the young person, parent or guardian. Basically, it’s about doing things together. This might mean going out to eat, or to a movie or sporting event. It can mean anything from riding bikes to playing video games.

The most important things: To talk, to listen, to share experiences, and to offer guidance and insight. And to be there for the young person – an adult he or she can depend on. Many mentor/mentee relationships last beyond the initial year. Some that started years ago are still going strong today. And most mentors say that they gained as much – or more – from the experience as the young person.

If you are interested in pursuing this tremendous experience, please call VIP at 313 964-1110. Also see the “Becoming a Mentor” section for the requirements – including training.