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Your donation has the power to make a difference in the life of a young person. We don’t just mentor, we change lives. By supporting VIP, you have the opportunity to help alter the path of a young, innocent life desperately in need of attention and direction.

Your gift – no matter the size – can quite literally be the difference between self esteem and self doubt; between skipping stones and skipping class; between a criminal record and a college diploma. Please help contribute to a stable, positive, caring mentorship for a young, impressionable child.

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Be the Difference

All children face times of transition, moments of growth, pivotal stages of change… moments best navigated with the support and understanding of a caring adult figure.

However, for an at-risk child, this need is magnified. It could be a youth burdened with the weight of poverty, the pain of abuse, the stigma of an incarcerated parent, or other debilitating family circumstances.

These are the children our VIP Mentors embrace.