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You Can Do This!

Be the difference in the life of a young person... There are moments in every child’s life that require the wisdom, understanding and guidance of an adult figure: Moments of growth, times of transition, periods...

A Visit to Spain and Romulus Elementary Schools

Mentors and students from Spain School in Detroit and Romulus Elementary School talk about location-based mentoring.

VIP Mentoring Programs

Four Unique Opportunities for Adults and Young People Traditional Mentoring (Community-Based and Location-Specific) The goal of this program is to create one-to-one matches between a young person and an adult that will last for one year...

Help a Young Person Achieve a Great Life

Help VIP identify young people who would benefit from a mentoring relationship. There are opportunities that every child should have within their reach. VIP helps expose children to activities that stimulate growth and learning in a...

Requirements and Training Schedule

What You’ll Need to Help VIP Help Children For a mentor, the requirements and training needed are simple – especially when you consider the difference your participation will make in the life of a young...

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the Questions We Get From Potential Mentors, Mentees, Parents and Guardians. Our vision is be recognized as an unrivaled mentoring organization with a unique competency that allows it to gain access into difficult...

The 2016 VIP Picnic at Milliken State Park

The VIP Family – Mentors, Mentees, Parents, Guardians, and Staff – enjoy the 2016 picnic at Milliken State Park in Detroit.

VIP Stories: John Singleton and DaJon Paschall

A conversation withe mentor John Singleton and mentee DaJon Paschall, at Greater Christ Baptist Church in Detroit's Indian Village.

VIP Stories: Jaila Thomas & Elena Fracassa

A conversation with mentor Elena Fracassa and mentee Jaila Thomas at Denby High School in Detroit. Jaila, a 2015 Denby graduate, actually worked for VIP for a time.

Conversations at Central High

There are many facets to VIP Mentoring. The College and Career Readiness program helps students prepare for life after Central - including applying for college and scholarships, examining different careers, visiting college campuses, mentoring...

College Readiness Program: J’Nai Sykes

In this two-minute video, we hear from participating junior J'Nai Sykes.