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The Mission

“VIP Mentoring creates high quality mentoring relationships for youth whose circumstances or risk factors reduce their potential to transition to a “productive adulthood.”


Our Vision is To be recognized as an unrivaled mentoring organization with a unique competency that allows it to gain access into difficult communities and work effectively with its most at-risk and vulnerable youth.


VIP Mentoring Board of Trustees

Robert Bublitz, CPA, Chair

Robert Diehl, Esq. Vice Chair

Paul Villarruel, Esq., Secretary

Bradley Hehl, Treasurer

John Bentley, Trustee

Brandon Carnegie. Trustee

Jimmie Comer, Trustee

Jerome Espy, Trustee

Greg Kwapis, Trustee

Hans Massaquoi, Esq., Trustee

Larry Vano – Trustee

VIP Mentoring Lead Staff

Kimberly N. Perry, Esq. – Chief Program officer

Niecy Mohammed – Director of Family Services

Pamela Smith – Match Specialist

Roger Waldon II – Match Specialist