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VIP Criteria

How are children referred to VIP:

Referrals are made from the Angel Tree Ministry, other community organizations and agencies, school personnel, churches, parents/guardians and other people in the community who work with children.

If you are aware of a youth 7- 12 years old who lives in Detroit, Wayne County or other Metro Detroit counties that could benefit from VIP Mentoring services have the child’s parent or guardian call our office at (313) 964-1110 for more information.


7700 Second Ave. Suite 617
Detroit, MI 48202

Phone: (313) 964-1110 


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Invite a VIP Mentor into the life of a child you know.

There are opportunities that every child should have….activities that stimulate growth, fun and learning. Many of these experiences require the guidance, resources and interest of loving, caring adults.

If you happen to care for an at-risk child, you know his or her need for this positive influence is magnified.