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All children face times of transition, moments of growth, pivotal stages of change…moments best navigated with the support and understanding of a caring adult figure.

However, for an at-risk child, this need is magnified. It could be a youth burdened with the weight of poverty, the pain of abuse, the stigma of an incarcerated parent, or other debilitating family circumstances. These are the children our VIP Mentors embrace.

Left without the benefit of positive adult role models, many children who find themselves in these situations are more likely to grow up and perpetuate the very issues they suffer from today. These are the lives that VIP Mentoring can help change-but only with the financial support of people like you.

Be the difference

Your donation has the power to make a difference in the life of a young person. We don’t just mentor, we change lives. You have the opportunity to help alter the path of a young, innocent life desperately in need of attention and direction.

Your gift–no matter the size–can quire literally be the difference between self esteem and self doubt; between skipping stones and skipping class; between a criminal record and a college diploma.

Please help. Your donations will directly contribute toward a stable, positive, caring mentorship for a young, impressionable child.

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Invite a VIP Mentor into the life of a child you know.

There are opportunities that every child should have….activities that stimulate growth, fun and learning. Many of these experiences require the guidance, resources and interest of loving, caring adults.

If you happen to care for an at-risk child, you know his or her need for this positive influence is magnified.