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Invite a VIP Mentor into the life of a child you know

There are opportunities that every child should have within their reach. VIP helps expose children to activities that stimulate growth and learning in a fun way through sustainable, meaningful mentoring relationships.

Our Mentors

All VIP Mentors are volunteers, unpaid individuals that have made a commitment to help a child. They are caring people, busy community members, and people searching for a way to give back.


The Role of the Mentor

To commit the time and effort it takes to develop a supportive relationship.

To be a friend by taking the time to listen and give thoughtful caring advice when requested.

To be someone who notices the little things things and uses phrases such as, “I am proud of you”.

To be patient and realize that time is needed to build a relationship.


Why Enroll your Child in our Program?

Since 1995, VIP has concentrated its efforts on creating opportunities for children through one-to-one mentoring. Our focus is children ages 7-12 years old.

Proven Results

VIP mentored youth are less likely to give in to peer pressure.
They also experience fewer substance abuse and delinquency problems.

How to sign up

To learn more about getting a VIP Mentor matched to the child in your care please call 313-964-11100.  This may be your chance to start your child on a path to trying fun things, learning new skills, and having another person in their life that truly likes them the way they are.


What are our mentees sayings about VIP?

“VIP Mentoring helps us to stop dwelling on the past and to look forward toward the future.”


“The VIP Mentoring program has encouraged me to go out and become something so that I can share my life experiences with others and become someone that others can look up to.”